Custom Vision Systems

If one of our standard vision systems does not meet your unique needs, Sightline has the capability to create a custom solution that is mechanically and optically designed for a specific application. These systems can be customized in almost any way, but they all share the same 2D/3D/color imaging technology and software as our standard systems, along with the over 100 analysis methods already developed and tested.

Designed To Fit

Vision and inspection systems are often installed as retrofits to existing lines, where line space and headroom can sometimes be extremely limited. In these cases it is a requirement to make sure that your vision system is a ‘perfect fit’ and also that it is easy to install during a normal 1-2 day shutdown period.

Sightline can design a vision system that not only fits perfectly, but also one that uses a bare minimum of line footprint and can be installed and assembled in sections, eliminating the need to move a large piece of equipment through the plant floor.

Designed For Your Environment

Whether you require a full IP69K wash-down system, or simply a dustproof system for the lab or office, Sightline can provide your vision system to meet your specific environmental conditions. Automatic cleaning and blow-offs minimize the amount of operator intervention required even in the harshest conditions.

Sightline can also provide a variety of integrated cooling options that allow operation of the system up to 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) if required. This allows Sightline systems to be installed in locations where other vision systems and cameras simply could not survive.

Designed To Work

The most important factor is that your vision system is designed with the right components (lighting, cameras, software) to ensure that your inspection requirements are met. At Sightline, we ensure that the lighting is right, the cameras are right, and the software has the ability to measure the critical attributes accurately and reliably.

In the end, it is the combination of mechanical design, environmental design, and optical and software design that makes Sightline’s customized solutions a success.

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