Using Sightline’s 2D/3D imaging engine to generate accurate positional data, robots can be added to perform additional tasks such as moving, rotating or packing objects that have been inspected. This allows for important additional functionality and can dramatically reduce labor requirements in the packaging area.

Complete Integrated Solution (Inspect and Pack)

The functionality of any Sightline 100% inspection system can be extended to include the ability of sending the positional data of every object to a downstream robotic cell. This allows for greatly increased functionality since inspected objects can now be picked up and automatically packed, rotated, aligned or manipulated in any way that is required.


Dramatic Cost Savings

If manual manipulation is currently required to properly package products, a robotic solution can have dramatic cost saving and provide rapid payback of the overall inspection and packaging project.


No Need to Compromise On Inspection Performance

Many robotics companies use low quality cameras and basic imaging techniques to ‘find’ objects for their robots; some providers may also claim to provide ‘inspection’ capabilities as part of their camera/robotic system.

In many cases, this basic inspection capability is insufficient to measure and detect all the possible defects that can be generated by a typical production line, and certainly will not replace manual inspection that comes as part of the existing manual packaging process.

With a Sightline robotic solution, there is no compromise on the inspection portion of the project: every robotic project comes with a fully capable Sightline 2D/3D/color inspection system, with bottom color analysis if required. This ensures that every object packaged is fully inspected and free from defects that would otherwise end up in a customer’s hand.

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