Label & Bar Code Analysis

Label and Bar Code Analysis

High-speed, 100% inspection of finished packages allows manufacturers to ensure that all labelling and printing (date code, bar code, lot code, etc.) is correct and legible. Sightline systems have the ability to scan and inspect not only the top label, but the bottom label as well using the same system. In addition, Sightline’s 3D imaging engine can provide additional dimensional and quality analysis to ensure the finished product is ready to ship to customers.

Flexible Label Inspection

Using Sightline’s ‘toolbox’ approach, users can select and configure different measurements, analyses and checks for each product type/SKU. For some products, a specific text string on each label can be captured and verified, or a specific label color can be verified, or a package size, or any other measurement required. Each analysis method that is enabled can also be configured in a variety of ways, including the search area for the analysis.

This approach allows different labels for different products to be analyzed in completely different ways, allowing for maximum flexibility when setting up products.

Specification and rejection limits can also be enabled and configured differently for each product so that critical defects are automatically rejected, while non-critical measurements are simply displayed and stored for further analysis.

Powerful Analysis Features

The analysis methods available in the Sightline software include a wide variety of optical character recognition (OCR), bar code and size/shape/color measurements. Even advanced features such as bar code print quality determination is available as part of the measurement suite.

Additional measurements such as blob analysis allow advanced feature detection such as the area of dark/light spots or even the counting of objects inside clear packaging.

All the analysis methods and measurements can be performed using the top image, bottom image or even the 3D (height) image as the data source, making the Sightline system the most powerful and versatile inspection system on the market today.

Full Inspection: Top, Bottom and 2D/3D Analysis

Every Sightline system has the ability to scan and capture the top, bottom and 3D (height) image, ensuring that every product is fully inspected in all possible ways. This is the best method for ensuring the quality of finished goods since problems and defects can occur in any location at any time.

All of the measurement tools developed in the Sightline inspection software can be applied to any of the captured images and the measurements and methods can be changed for every product if required.

All measurement data extracted from the images can be stored in real-time for every object measured, and used for further analysis, reporting and traceability. Even raw images can be archived and used for the development and configuration of new measurements using the ‘store and replay’ mode of the software.

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June 3, 2019
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May 14, 2019
Sightline Joins KPM Analytics

Sightline Joins KPM Analytics

MILFORD, MA (May 14, 2019) — KPM Analytics announced today that it has acquired Sightline Process Control, Inc, a company specializing in 3D color vision and automated inspection systems that improve product quality, increase line productivity and reduce operating costs across the food production process.
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