Inspection Systems

Inspection Systems

Sightline has a wide range of standardized 3D/color vision systems that are easy to install and quick to integrate into your manufacturing facility. All of these systems come complete with Sightline’s Product Analysis Software and can handle hundreds of unique products, with each product setup customizable to meet your analysis requirements.

The standard products can be categorized into three main types.

Benchtop Systems

Benchtop systems are compact, ‘plug-and-play’ inspection systems that generate over 100 different measurements for every object that is placed on the integrated conveyor belt.

Benchtops can completely automate QA procedures and manual measurements, and can be installed directly onto the plant floor or in the lab. 

Over-Line Systems

Over-Line systems utilize a standard, compact sensor head mounted directly over an existing customer production line. This sensor head scans all the objects that pass underneath the system to generate a continuous stream of critical QA data and production metrics.

In-Line Systems

In-Line systems are ‘turn-key’ units that are designed to inspect 100% of all production and come complete with an integrated variable-speed conveyor and automatic rejection devices.

They have the ability to automatically remove individual defective objects from the production line, and can also scan and measure the bottom surface of every object. 


March 23, 2021
KPM Analytics

KPM Analytics Partners with AB Vista to Provide Leading NIR Analysis Solutions with the World’s Largest Independent Calibration Database

MILFORD, MA (March 23, 2021) — KPM Analytics Inc. announced today that it has signed a multi-year license agreement with AB Vista, the feed additives division of AB Agri Limited. AB Vista’s Aunir group is the global leader in the development and supply of near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy calibrations.
February 16, 2021
KPM Analytics

KPM Analytics Acquires EyePro System S.r.l. to Better Serve Food Manufacturing and Processing Markets with True Color, 3D, and Hyperspectral Vision Inspection Systems

KPM Analytics Inc. announced today that it has acquired EyePro System S.r.l., a company headquartered in Trento, Italy, that specializes in vision inspection technology and vision-based process control solutions for the baking and snack industries.
January 19, 2021
KPM Analytics

KPM Analytics Establishes European Sales and Support Offices

KPM Analytics announced today that three sales and support offices have been established in Europe: specifically, in Germany, Poland, and the UK.