100% Inspection Made Easy

Every Sightline Over-Line system is designed to measure every object that passes underneath the sensor head, in any orientation and at any belt speed. This provides the ability to measure all critical size, shape and color attributes for 100% of all your production, all of the time.

Over-Line systems mount directly over existing production lines, making installation fast and simple. Its compact size and light weight means that complicated structures or conveyor modifications are not required.

In addition, everything is included with the Over-Line system, including lighting, computer, touchscreen, all necessary cables and mounting hardware, so customers can quickly start measuring their products and see the impact and benefits of 100% inspection.

Real-time Dashboard for Your Process

Measuring all size, shape and color attributes for every product provides critical real-time data that helps to ensure that product quality is always maintained. This data can also be used to better control the production process, since operators will now have quantitative feedback for their process settings and adjustments. This data, and the graphical tools provided with the system, become the process and QA dashboard for operators and eliminates guesswork and unnecessary adjustments.

Measuring 100% of all products also provides a wealth of key ‘real-time’ production and productivity data such as:

• Throughput and Capacity%
• Defect% and Out-Of-Spec % (by type)
• Uptime/Downtime %
• Changeover Time

Data Visibility and Versatility

The ability to measure critical QA and production data is important, but just as important is the ability to view, analyze and interpret the data being generated. Every Over-Line system comes with an easy-to-use operator interface that allows users to view the data in a variety of graphical and numerical formats.

Data is also automatically stored so that historical reports can be generated ‘after-the-fact;’ even raw images of actual measured objects can be stored for future review. This provides a method for evaluating the overall performance of production lines that includes both productivity data as well as product quality data.


Easy to install and operate: can be up in running in hours
Expandable: can be upgraded to perform automatic rejection or other functions
Can share data and reports with other systems
Fast: supports any size objects at production rates up to 100 objects per second
Rugged: can be directly mounted in harsh environments
Fully washdown stainless steel sensor head with integrated waterproof lighting

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September 24, 2019

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September 10, 2019
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June 3, 2019
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Join us at IBIE 2019 to discover the latest trends and innovations, connect with colleagues and exchange ideas with top baking professionals from around the world.