Inspection Software

The heart of any inspection system is the integrated software that captures images, generates measurement data, and automatically removes defects. Inspection software is what our customers use to guarantee product quality, and operators use to run their production line. At Sightline, we have spent several years developing and testing our current generation of real-time inspection software. This ‘third-generation’ software is the fastest, most powerful and most flexible vision analysis software available, and comes complete with a wide range of integrated graphical tools and displays to ensure the data makes sense—even at 100 objects per second!

Over 100 Ways to Measure Your Product

Every object that passes through the inspection system is captured in real-time by Sightline’s overhead, 3D/height and bottom cameras. These images provide 3 distinct ‘views’ of the object (top, bottom and height map) and are made up of thousands of individual data points (pixels). The individual pixels and the assembled images are the source for all of the measurements and analyses performed by the software.

Some typical measurements are:

  • Heights: Peak, Average, Center, Edge Heights (Min/Max/Mean)…
  • Slopes: Mean, Center-To-End, Center-To-Edge, Slope Symmetry…
  • Diameters: Average, Minimum, Maximum
  • Length/Width: Bounding Box, Center, Min/Max
  • Top Color: Average, Color w/o Topping, Color of Specific Region of Interest (ROI), Dark Areas
  • Bottom Color: Average, Color w/o Specific Area, Dark Areas
  • Topping: Topping Coverage %, Topping Color
  • Blobs: Over 100 customizable measurements used to find and quantify specific colors/areas
  • Production Data: Throughput, Downtime, Changeover Time

All of these measurement and analysis methods are available for use, and customers can pick and choose which measurements are important for a particular product. This ‘toolbox’ approach allows each product to be analyzed in a specific way, with the ability to add or remove measurements easily in the future.

Each active measurement can have its own Specification Limits (LSL/USL) and, if desired, separate Rejection Limits (LRL/URL) that will drive automatic rejection of objects that are outside these limits.

Easy to Set Up; Easy to Use

Setting up products is simply a matter of selecting which measurements will be used, then entering in the Specification Limits and/or Rejection Limits. All of this is done simply and easily using Microsoft Excel on either the inspection system or any computer connected to the vision system.

For operators, the main display shows actual data for all enabled measurements for objects, as well as showing the current Specification and Rejection Limits. Any measurement that falls ‘out-of-spec’ or outside of rejection limits is highlighted in yellow or red.

In addition to the numerical measurement data, operators can also view the data graphically in the form of trend graphs and Pareto charts. Trend graphs allow operators to ‘look back’ up to 24 hours and see how the selected measurement has changed over time. This is a simple and effective way of identifying problems and unwanted trends of the process and product quality.

Additional Software Highlights

  • Speed: The highly optimized acquisition software allows objects to be captured at speeds of up to 100 per second, and 400 ft/min, so no matter what you make or how fast you make it, our software can keep up.
  • Data Saving: The built-in SQL database stores data for every object measured, allowing for more detailed analysis of the entire population long after the production run has ended. Minute data summaries are also stored for every measurement during a production run.
  • Windows 7 or 10: Sightline software runs under Windows 7 or Windows 10, so we can keep your IT people happy.

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