Every Sightline system has the ability to save critical product measurement data for every object in an industry-standard SQL database. This database allows up to 100 simultaneous connections so that reports and data extraction can be run at any time, by multiple users, even while the system is running.

Fast and Easy Data Extraction

For users who simply want to select and extract specific or all data from a certain production run or calendar date, Sightline has a simple data extraction tool that is fast and easy. Users simply select the date/time range of interest, and all products run in that date range are displayed. By selecting products from this list, available measurement data is automatically listed so that users can simply select the desired measurements and immediately export all selected data to Excel.

Automated Reports

Automated daily reports can be created that automatically run at specific times and generate PDF reports that can be viewed easily by multiple users. These reports are often used to quickly summarize production and QA data from all of yesterday’s production runs.

Management Dashboard

The ability to visualize production and QA data in a simple, meaningful format is a key tool in the evaluation of line performance, and also provides insight into production or quality issues that have occurred. Being able to ‘see’ what happened, what time it happened, and how long it lasted, is critical information if problems are to be understood, addressed and rectified.

At a higher level, being able to evaluate and compare shifts, production lines or even different manufacturing locations, can help senior management identify opportunities for improvement, optimize production rates and improve overall performance.

A key element of the Management Dashboard is the ability to customize the display and embedded display elements (charts, graphs, etc.) for each user. This functionality allows each person to create their own ‘view’ that quickly shows the data that is important to him or her.

For example, QA staff can create a ‘view’ that focuses in on key quality parameters, while production managers can summarize and display productivity, throughput, downtime and changeover times. Each user also has the ability to ‘drill down’ and generate easy-to-share reports so that any issues or opportunities that are uncovered can be easily shared with key members of the team.

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